Covid19 Initiatives

Covid19 Initiatives – In keeping with our mission to ensure human wellbeing, We are working on various initiatives in partnership with corporates to fight the battle against Covid19

Ground Report

as on 30th April 2020

Highlight from ground:

  • Already initiated work in part of 6 District from 4 States with 5 partner organization.
  • Reached immediate relief support to 550 families, till date.
  • 13000 KGs ration reached to vulnerable communities.
  • Hygiene initiative; 10000 Face masks and 20 PPE Kit distributed.
  • 19300 Community people catered through behaviour change communication process on maintaining hygienic habits through Hand washing practice.
  • 3 KM radius areas have been sanitized through spreading sanitizer.
  • 1 Emergency ambulance service is running in collaboration with Government Satellite Hospital Chaksu District Jaipur Rajasthan hospital.

COVID 19: A national disaster on human civilization:

Although the government has classified COVID 19 as a national disaster and 39 days lockdown has already disproportionately hurt marginalized communities due to loss of livelihood and lack of food, shelter, health, and other basic needs. A huge number of daily wage earners are stuck inside their home or trapped in their earning places with hardly any resources. Those who have returned back are also struggling to sustain their families. Communities in main epicentre are under curfew where only emergency services are active with special permission. GSS have an experience of 30 years including experience in disaster management started relief operation with its experienced project implementing team in collaboration and support of Partner Agencies, Government Bodies and associated stakeholders. This network is helping us in understanding ground reality and to reach quickly as well reviewing and adopting suitable strategies periodically.

Our objective:

  • To ensure survival of daily wage earners, migrant and other vulnerable community from rural, urban and hotspot areas by arranging and accessing basic amenities and consumables during the lockdown situation.
  • To reduce the outbreak and community transmission of the COVID 19 as well improve physical wellbeing for government service providers and communities by providing face masks and PPE kit in collaboration with Government and associated stakeholders which will contribute in National and Global COVID 19 combating programme.

Our Strengths:

Some aspects have helped us get closer to our goal for the Community in the urban and rural areas of India, who are struggling in this tough situation.

  • Our experience of working in disasters.
  • Our teams, with a strong connect with communities on ground, trained in handling large scale logistics, with flexibility, agility and adapting their strategies quickly.
  • Our network with various partner organizations and urban institutions, Corporate and Government Departments helped us in reaching the important last mile work.
  • Our systemic approach and efforts around nurturing and strengthening the larger ecosystem of developmental sector.
  • Government of Rajasthan authorized us as a disaster relief agency and to work in COVID 19 hotspot areas.

Update from the Ground:

  • Immediate Relief Support to affected people: We reached 550 families and have distributed 13000 KG Ration Kits in 2 District in Rajasthan with a comprehensive team of people programme implementing them, volunteers, partners, and community workers.
  • Focus on vulnerable communities: Our focus is on vulnerable communities from urban and rural context including women, children, migrate population, daily wage earners, economically backward, tribal population and Person with Disability.

Once we got permission to intend our activities in curfew we re-activated our programme and focus has also on the community from hotspot areas who are completely stuck under curfew for immediate ration relief.

  • Initiating and supporting local community since last 39 days.
  • Filling gaps and intensifying networks: We have till date provided support to 19300 community people, which is possible by bridging gaps between different stakeholders and developing an instance network of Corporates and Government Departments.
  • Health and Hygiene Initiatives:

Around 55 litters of sanitizers and 20 kg of pesticide have already been spread to clean and sanitize some villages in 10 in Jaipur District of Rajasthan under close cooperation with the local administration.

Around 19300 community people have been sensitized through Behaviour Change Communication process on healthy habit to combat community transmission of COVID 19 through hand washing practice.

240 Sanitizers have been distributed in hotspot areas.

10000 face masks have already been distributed to the community people to avoid community transmission of Coronavirus Diseases.

20 PPE kits have been distributed to the Government Service Providers to protect them from infection.

1 Emergency Ambulance is catering 150 patients regularly in collaboration with Government Satellite hospital –Chaksu District Jaipur

Currently we are Active in:

Rajasthan: Jaipur, Pali, Alwar

Uttrakhand: Dehradoon

One district in Telangana

One district in Andhra Pradesh


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