Child Development

Child Clubs: – GSS has facilitated Child Resource Centre- Child clubs conducting in collaboration of government schools. Child club is a centre where children have access to knowledge through reading material including Child Magazine (Bal Patrika), entertainment through musical instruments, enhance their knowledge & information base, physical growth through various competitions & sports events and enhancement in learning through various exposure visits would be conducted. Their dreams would be explored and given shape through different exercises. Apart from this child clubs have provided another platform for inclusion and reducing discrimination amongst children. Since child clubs have helped in mainstreaming of approximate 2500 children in schools.

Holiday Camps for Children: – Holiday camps for children to give altitude to child club concept in schools as mass level. Children have enjoyed different recreation and extra curricular activities like clay molding, roll-plays, story making, drawing and painting, hand made paper making etc in camps. The activity was more encouraging for excluded children who do not have orientation and access to school due to cross the eligible age set by government. Children have shared their experiences to each other and provoked excluded to mainstream. Venue for the activity was school so this put another value for encouragement of children, parents and teachers too, who never ever been realized the potential of their children.


Child fair and Science Exhibition: – GSS has organized science exhibition for children to reduce fear of science and to introduce innovative and contemporary vocational skills among village children through expose and interface them with electro-scientifically mechanized equipment and devises through learning by doing process. At door-step we have done consultation drive with children, teachers and parents for batter planning of activity. After this we have got identified and selected finally children from villages for training on making of working models. Children have prepared working models for 4 sections 1. Electronically operated cadmium sulfide based security systems for banks, road security and energy severs etc. 2. Eco-friendly energy, soil and water conservation techniques and green-house effect like remote operated power on-off system, ozone-layer, contour-bounding, recycling of  water etc. 3 Conventional energy production like solar energy, wind-mills, solar water heating systems etc. 4 Working model of computer. After all preparation we have organized 1 day fair and exhibition. During the exhibition and fair children have demonstrated their models to participating children however children have also shared and performed plays, poems, songs and other thematic and cultural programs. Children, adults, stakeholders and teachers from villages have participated in this program.


Interface of children with teachers and stakeholders to increase synergy and redressel of child related issues: – GSS is facilitating children to have interface meetings with teachers and other stakeholders separately on quarterly basis. The objective of these activities was to strengthening synergy between children-teacher and children-adults through enhancing confidence amongst children and preparedness amongst adults including teacher. However promoting and programming of child participation in decisions regarding children in school and villages. As result children have became more confident and vocal and adults started giving respect to children’s voice. Hence adults seek suggestions and inputs of children while planning all school level and proclamation activities. Even children have developed Child Led Indicators for holistic development of village.


Grievance/Suggestion box: – Grievance box have affixed in villages to promote reporting of children’s grievances and suggestions especially protection issues.  The objective of boxes of reporting without disclosing identity of reporter has been shared and harmony developed with both children and adults. Some ground rules regarding open the box, record maintenance, response and redressed of issues and location of the box in village or school been set previously jointly by children and adults including teachers. Children are using grievance box frequently and child protection committees are providing resolutions of the issues.


Baby Care Centers: At present 13 BCC with 13 workers are functioning in the project area. These centers were established in different villages. At present the numbers of children enrolled are 274. Various activities related to distribution of nutrition, health’s check up and extracurricular activities like toy making, games and health and sanitation are being implemented in the BCC.