Project Partners

a) Partnership with Gram Niyojan Kendra (1991-1994)
b) Programme with Government of India
c)Programme with Catholic Relief Service (CRS) (1993 -2004 in Jaipur and Tonk district.
d) Partnership with USAID
e) Partnership with IIHMR
f) Partnership with Bhoruka Charitable Trust
g) Programme with Tarun Bharat Sangh
h) Partnership with NABARD
i) Programme with Government of Rajasthan
j)Programme with Save the Children, Finland (In 40 Villages of Tonk District)
k)Programme with TATA TRUSTS


Gramodaya since its inception has been engaged in several activities with different partners from time to time. Glimpse of its different activities is thereof presented in the following:

Table-1 Details of Past Funding Agency with Specific Projects
Sl. Past Funding Agency Duration Project Title Project Intervention
1 Gram Niyojan Kendra , Ghaziabad (1991-1994) Promotion , Protection and Conservation of Environment ·    Capacity building of Local CBO’s

·    Promotion and Protection of Environment

·    Capacity building of PRI Members

2 (Ministry of Health and Family Welfare) Government of India 1995 -96 (PVOH-2) Mother and child health programme ·         In 8 villages of Jaipur dist.
3 Government of India 1998-2010 National Environment Awareness Campion Awareness program on environment protection
4 Catholic Relief Service (CRS) 1993 -2004 ·         Natural Resource Management

·         Integrated Agriculture Development Programme

·         Pre- watershed programme

·         Watershed Program

In Jaipur and Tonk district.

· Water Harvesting Programme : 125 Villages

· Integrated Agriculture Development Progamme 16 Villages

· Watershed Development with Joint Forest Management  Programme:18 Villages

· Roof Rain Water Harvesting for drinking water for school students

· Self help group and Women empowerment programme: 20 villages

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) 1995 -2004 · Safe Motherhood and Child Surviving Project ·   ANC Services

·   Safe delivery

·   PNC Services

·   Child care

·   Health and Nutrition

·   Formation of mother’s /Women’s group

Catholic Relief Service (CRS) 1994 -2004 ·         Student feeding Programme ·   Teacher’s Training

·   Joyfully learning

·   TLM Development

·   Mid day Meal

5 USAID/DFID 2002 Drought mitigation · 3 villges of Chaksu block of  Jaipur District
6 Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) 1994-195 Reproductive in Child Health


·    Mother and child health programme (PVOH –II) – 1994 -95 in Jaipur dist.

·    Reproductive & Child Health 2011 in Sanganer block of Jaipur dist.

Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) 2010-11 National Rural Water Development Program (VWSP) ·    Preparation of detail project report for Village  water security in 400 habitation of Jaipur and Ajmer region
Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) 1997-98 Youth development program ·    Adolescent Development programme: 10 villages 1997-98 in Jaipur dist.
Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) 1998- 2000 Strengthening socio-economic condition of women CBOs ·    Women empowerment 1998-2000 in Jaipur dist.

·    Capacity building of CBOs 1998- 2000 in Jaipur dist.

·    Capacity building of PRI Leaders 1996 -97 in Jaipur dist.

Indian Institute of Health Management and Research (IIHMR) 2011-12 Reproductive and Sexual Health through Knowledge Power ·    Awareness regarding reproductive health among community.

·    Life skill education for adolescent.

·    ANC, INC and PNC services in collaboration of CHC and PHC.

7 State Water Resource Planning Department 2011- 15 Integrated Water Resource Management ·   Formation of VWHSC

·   Training of VWHSC

·   Data collection

·   PRA

·   Facilitation in Preparation of IWRP Plan

·   Approval of IWRM Plan by Gram Shabha

·   Approval of IWRM plan by DIWRM Team

8 Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) through IIHMR 2012-2014 Improved nutrition through Fortification of  Flour Oil and Milk ·      Social Awareness regarding fortified food (PMU-IPS) Whole Rajasthan (25 District).

Tarun Bharat Sangh

1998-2000 Water harvesting Project ·      Improving water recharge system with modern technology inputs
10 NABARD CBO Formation ·      Formation and strengthening of CBOs i.e. SHG, Kishan Club Etc.
11 Government of Rajasthan Disaster Management Program

Owner less Cattle Management

·      Drought Management in Chaksu block of Jaipur dist.

·      Cattle camp (Drought Relief) in Chaksu block of Jaipur district

·      SHG Promotion Programme in 100 villages of Jaipur and Tonk District

·   Capacity building of folk media artist: This programme supported by WSSO (Water Sanitation Support Organization) Government of Rajasthan, and implanting in all the 7 administrative region of Rajasthan.

·   IWRM (Integrated Water Resources Management): The IWRM project supported by STATE WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT and implementing in 461 Gram panchayat of 11 Blocks in Nagaur district. The focus of the project is Hand holding Support and Capacity building of PRI & VWHSC in preparing and implementation of village water resource management plan.

·   Water Quality testing: This project implementing in the all the 10 districts of Jodhpur & Bikaner region, in this project total 56 water testing laboratory established at block level and minimum 3000 samples from drinking water sources collected and testing twist in year pre monsoon and post monsoon.

12 Rajasthan State Aids Control Society 2013 to till date Target Intervention program with Migrants ·   HIV focused intervention with Migrants in Alwar district
13 Save the Children, Finland 2004-2010 · Family upliftment programme 40 Villages

· Child Survival and Development Programme: 40 villages

· Right to children for safe Drinking water

· Right to children for safe Drinking water and Sanitation Programme: 20 villages

· Promotion of children’s right to education and protection

· Natural Resource Management – Water Harvesting Programs

· Women empowerment & Youth Development

· Pasteur Land Development in villages to increase fodder production.

14 Save the Children, Finland 2005-2010 · Family upliftment programme 40 Villages

· Child Survival and Development Programme: 40 villages

· Right to children for safe Drinking water

·     Health Activities

1.   Health Camp (symptomatic Treatment Camp ) : mobile health care camps organized regularly in villages  for community medical services

2.   Health awareness camp:  Health awareness camp is organized in these villages on regular basis to generate community awareness on various health aspect including reproductive child health and safe motherhood.


3.   Field clinic (OPD)- there is a field clinic which provide services to the community


4.   Special Medical camp- Special medical camp used to be organized at different times including  Eye Camp, Vasectomy and tubectomy camps, pulse polio camp etc.

Child Development

1.       Baby Care Centers are being run by Gramodaya to provide preprimary education as well as to provide Nutritive care to children from 0 to 5 years of age.

2.       Nutrition Distribution activities for pregnant women and Lactating mother to provide nutritive care to them and generate awareness about nutritive diet.

3.       Discovery of Dreams- This activity is done to explore dreams of children of various groups. This is an innovative activity which has five steps:

3.1   Child Club (Pahala Kadam

3.2   Child Rights Rally

·     Adolescent, Youth and Education Activities

1     Gramodaya Path shala : Special School has been run by Gramodaya to provide elementary education to adolescent girls who have not attended school earlier or dropped out .

2     Quality Education: Two centers are running of Quality education through inclusion of excluded groups and capacity building of CBO’s, Teachers and other Duty bearers.

3     Capacity Building: Formation of youth groups and building their capacity for village development and self-development is another important activity run by GSS.

§ Life Skill Education to adolescent:  Under this activity rural adolescent mass are trained through life skill training so that they could learn the skill of negotiation and bargaining about various dimensions in life with family and surroundings. Also they are properly trained on different issues like gender, health, sexuality and self-development etc..

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) supported Projects:
15 United Spirits Ltd. Ongoing S. H. E.  (Sanitation, Health & Empowerment)


SHE project is supported by CAF and funded by USL (United Sprit Limited) in 3 Villages of Ramgarh block of Alwar district of Rajasthan. SHE project is focused on Water, Health, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
16 United Spirits Ltd. Ongoing S. H. E.  (Sanitation, Health & Empowerment)


SHE project is supported by CAF and funded by USL (United Sprit Limited) in 3 villages of Girva block in Udaipur district of Rajasthan. SHE project is focused on Water, Health, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
17 Canon India Ongoing Resource Centre This project supported by CANON India the focus of the project is Eye, Education, and Environment, and promotion of quality and joyfully education in government schools, child friendly and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities including social, physical and mental development for students, Vocational training for school going and out of school adolescents.
18 MOHRD Ongoing School Sanitation


This programme Supported by REC (Rural Electrification Corporation) through MOHRD in consortium with Culp Taru. Within this project constructed 60 toilets in the schools of Salumber, Kherwara, and Sarada block of Udaipur district.
19 Cannon India Ongoing Vision Care Center Eye care, Cataract screening, Cataract operation through authorized OT.
Other Ongoing Projects
20 Rajasthan State AIDS Control Society Ongoing Migrant Target intervention


This programme focused migrant destination population for aware, testing, preventive services and referral services to migrants in industrial area of Bhiwadi and Alwar of Rajasthan.
21 NABARD Ongoing Self Help Group SHG programme implementing in 90 Villages of Deedwana Block in Nagaur district.
22 Mahatma Gandhi University

of medical sciences and Technology,


Ongoing Tele medicine Telemedicine center in the remote area of TONK, JAIPUR and Dausa district in Rajasthan
23 United Spirits Ltd. and CAF India Ongoing Sanitary Napkin Sanitary napkin plant for personal hygiene in the women of rural area, We should be provide sanitary napkin on low cost to rural women and adolescent girls.